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All About the Summer Slide

The topic of the summer slide comes up every summer, and with good reason. The summer slide is something all parents should look out for and make an effort to prevent. To learn more about what it is and how to avoid it, continue reading.

What the Summer Slide Means

The summer slide sounds like a fun summer activity, but it actually refers to a learning loss many students suffer from every summer break. Students who don't use the knowledge they acquired during the past school year or who don't participate in anything academic during the summer are at risk of losing a significant amount of knowledge. In fact, students who don't read over the summer have been known to suffer from a serious drop in their reading levels. The reason this is so important is that it can seriously affect a student once the new school year starts. Students who suffer from the summer slide will fall behind faster because they have to relearn the lessons they lost during the summer. Not only will they fall behind, their self-confidence and motivation can be negatively affected.

What to Do to Prevent the Summer Slide

To help your child hold on to their knowledge and skills this summer, provide them with academic tasks that will put their knowledge to use. Simple things like enrolling them in a summer reading program, having them write in a journal daily, and playing math games can all help your child retain their lessons. You can also consider enrolling them in more structured classes, like summer school or even summer tutoring.

Tutoring in Chester

If you're looking to enroll your child in tutoring in Chester this summer, check out what The Tutoring Center, Chester NJ has to offer! They have plenty of academic programs your child can benefit from. To learn more about these, give them a call at (908) 888-2199.


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