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Many benefits come from reading regularly, like having a more expansive vocabulary, having more knowledge, and communicating it. But some children develop a reading aversion that could prevent them from learning from books. But, what causes it?

Physical Conditions

One common reason children might develop reading aversions is that they have a physical condition that makes reading uncomfortable. If you notice that your child is squinting, developing headaches, or putting books too close to their eyes, it might be a good idea to visit their pediatrician to rule out or address eyesight problems.

They Don’t Understand What They’re Reading

Another reason children might not want to read is that they don’t understand the material they’re reading. There can be many reasons why this happens; it could be that their comprehension skills aren’t strong enough or that the material is at a higher reading level. Reach out to their teacher or tutor to ask them if they have noticed this and create an action plan to address it.

The Material Isn’t Right

Lastly, a child might find it hard to read because the books they have available aren’t suitable for their age group or their reading level. One fix for this is to take them to a library and see what books they gravitate towards. Once they find books on subjects they find interesting, it will be easier to find other similar ones that will also interest them.

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