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Here are a few simple ideas by The Tutoring Center, Chester, that you can use at home to help your children read, learn, and succeed.

Let Them Know That You Believe in Them

Tell him often that you believe in him or her. Let her hear you say from an early age that you believe in her ability to succeed.

Talk, Sing and Read With Your Child

Talking, singing, and reading together is one of the most effective ways to assimilate new information and do these activities with your family as often as possible.

Get Family Members Involved

Ask everyone who cares about your child to get involved in their academic activities! Extend an invitation to aunts and uncles, grandparents, cousins, nanny, neighbors, and friends as this will encourage your child to succeed in school.

Limit the Amount of Time Your Children Spend Watching TV

Try to control your child's amount of time watching TV. Let them indulge in this activity with you, with someone in charge of child care, or alone at home. Children need to listen and converse with adults to reinforce the language.

Maintain a Positive Attitude About School and Learning

Take an interest in how your child is doing in school to know that learning is essential. If you can, find a way to help them with their homework and school projects.

Ensure Your Child Does Homework

Check your child's homework every night. Ask them to explain what they're learning. Check that they do all their chores. If possible, designate a quiet place for them to study and spend time each afternoon on homework.

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