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Teenage Years Are Not a Harmonious Time for Parents Either

As children go through the many rough and intense transitions of adolescence (physical, emotional, hormonal, sexual, social, intellectual), the pressure and problems they face can be overwhelming. For many teens, these and other pressures can lead to a mental health problem or more than a wide variety of mental health disorders; all are matters of concern and some even represent a danger to life. Some key tips for parents are listed below:

Regular, Clear, and Honest Communication

Not only should your children know that they can talk to you about anything, but you should be committed to addressing issues of concern openly. Talk about your own experiences and fears when you were a teenager. Let them know that they are not alone and that their anxieties are not unique.

Mental Health Disorders Can Be Treated

Learn about the most common mental health disorders among teens; talk with your child's pediatrician, local health department, religious leader, and representatives from your child's school about the kinds of information they have available and educate yourself.

Be Aware of Your Teenager's Behavior

Adolescence is indeed a time of transition and change, but serious, dramatic, or abrupt changes in behavior can be indicators of serious mental health problems. Concerns about your adolescent's mental health should be addressed first with your child; Fostering open communication is the way for teens to have healthy mental health habits.

Lastly, If Your Concerns Are Serious, Discuss Them with a Doctor

Because many mental health problems have physical manifestations; Weight loss being the most dramatic, but not the only one, your pediatrician can offer both an initial medical evaluation and referrals to appropriate mental health organizations and professionals for therapy and treatment, if needed.

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