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Set Up Parental Controls

One of the first steps parents should take when introducing their children to the internet. Parental controls can be set on many apps, browsers, and devices. It can take some time to set up, but it's one of the most significant ways to keep your child safe. Still, it’s important to mention that even if you have parental controls set up, you should keep an eye on what sites your child is browsing and what they are watching online to ensure it’s age-appropriate.

Set an Example

Setting an example is also an essential part of children learning to use the internet. Having clear rules about internet use times, age-appropriate sites, and which aren’t are vital for children and internet safety. Modeling good internet habits is an excellent way for children to learn good internet practices.

Keep Personal Information Private

Last but not least, when using the internet, it’s essential to know what information should be kept private. Keeping data private is not just for your child’s safety but also for your entire family. Teach your children that they shouldn’t open links or emails from people they don’t know and that they should never accept friend requests from strangers. As for specific information that should be kept private, this includes:
  • First and last names of your family members.
  • Birthdates
  • Social security numbers
  • Home or school address
  • School name and other identifying information
  • Phone numbers

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