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Signs That Your Child Is Having Trouble Reading

Students who are just learning to read may show signs of a struggle, but this should be considered normal. However, if your child isn't a new reader and its still having significant issues, they may need extra reading help. Look out for some of these signs before deciding your child needs extra reading support.

Below Average Reading Level

Generally speaking, students will be assigned homework that is at their reading level. If your child shows serious signs of a struggle when it comes to completing assigned reading or with reading the instructions for their different tasks, this is a clear sign that they aren't reading at their correct reading level. They may be falling behind their classmates, but they can always catch up with some extra reading support.

Difficulty Recognizing Common Words

If your child consistently confuses words or letters or if they have trouble recognizing words they read often, they may have some reading troubles that need to be addressed. Look out for trouble sounding out words that are spelled phonetically as well.

Reading Comprehension Issues

Students should be able to read a text and recall what the text was about when asked. If your child can't identify any key concepts or has real trouble summarizing something they just read, they may have reading comprehension issues. This may come down to not understanding the words in the text or not being able to get meaning from these words being put together.

Reading Tutoring in Chester

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