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Fight the Midyear Slump

The beginning of the school year is exciting because everything is so new. When this newness wears off, however, students can lose their motivation and start underperforming. If this sounds like something that affects your child yearly, check out these tips to help them make it through the midyear point successfully.

Change Things Up

If your child is in an academic slump, something as simple as changing up their routines can help make their days a bit more exciting. Consider changing up their breakfast options, introduce a new activity into their bedtime routine, and rearrange their study space. These changes may seem minimal, but making these kinds of tiny changes every so often can help keep your child's mind sharp and active.

Introduce Incentives

If your child needs a bit of a push, reward their hard work with some academic incentives. This doesn't mean you should give them cash for a good grade, but rather reward their hard studying with a trip to a museum or with a new book they've been looking forward to reading.

Look for Engaging Activities

If your child is bored and disinterested in school, enrolling them in an extracurricular activity can help. By introducing them to a new activity they will have something challenging and fun to look forward to. This can also help them develop a positive learning attitude that can permeate into their school day.

Academic Tutoring in Chester

If your child needs some help keeping up with their school lessons, tutoring in Chester can help. Contact The Tutoring Center, Chester NJ at (908) 888-2199 to learn about their academic programs and how these can help your child succeed academically.


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