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How to Encourage Reading Over Winter Break

Many students don't enjoy reading because they never get to do it for fun. This winter break, allow your child to take a break from strictly academic reading and teach them to enjoy this hobby. Use these tips to get started.

Set a Postive Reading Example

Many children model their behavior after what they see their parents doing. Although this may be subtle, it definitely helps shape who they are and what they enjoy. To help your child develop a healthy reading habit, be sure to set the right example at home. Choose to read instead of watching television in the evening or even just read the newspaper together over breakfast. These simple acts can affect your child's relationship with reading in a positive way.

Encourage Leisure Reading

If your child hasn't found pleasure in reading, help them find reading material they will enjoy. Take a trip to your local library together this winter break and allow them to pick out any books, magazines, or graphic novels that spark their interest. Once they find something they like, reading will feel less like a chore and more like a fun activity.

Technology and Reading

Many students are quite fond of technology, especially their cell phones and tablets. To get your child interested in reading, use this to your advantage. Consider giving them the gift of an e-reader. An e-reader can hold a number of books and is easy to transport wherever your child is going. If your family is going on a winter vacation, an e-reader is a great idea since your child can take it everywhere and have a number of books to choose from.

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