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In an age where tablets and computers have invaded classrooms and teaching has been partially digitized, some reclaim the old ways for children's sake. The truth is that handwriting improves learning and memorization, and it's necessary to instill a strong memory and coordination at a young age.

Sensory Overload

Many children and teenagers use the internet and have smartphones, making them spend considerable time in front of a screen. This overload doesn't get better with the rising efforts of some schools to switch to digital learning. In the debate about handwriting or typing in school, some teachers believe that keyboards create less frustration for children, arguing that students can write longer texts and feel more motivated to write thanks to their sense of command of the keyboard. However, learning to write by hand is a slower process, but children must go through this exhausting phase.


Following the intricate hand movements and the letters' shapes are beneficial in many ways. If you use a keyboard, you use the same motion for each letter. When writing by hand requires children to gain control of their fine motor skills and senses.

Lost Generations

Given the technological expansion in recent years, there's a chance that one or more generations will lose the ability to write by hand and resort to keyboards to be more productive. It'll be necessary to ensure that children receive at least a minimum of training in handwriting to get the most out of this practice.

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