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Myth #1

  • Myth: Bilingual children will have trouble academically once they start school.
  • Fact: The most suitable school environment for bilingual children depends on the age of the child. Immersion in an English-speaking classroom is the best method for younger children, but is less effective for older students. For example, it would be better for older children in high school to receive instruction in the language they know while learning English. Research shows many academic benefits of being bilingual, such as a greater ability to solve problems and multitask, as well as greater cognitive flexibility.

Myth #2

  • Myth: If a child doesn't learn a second language while being very young, the child will never speak it fluently.
  • Fact: Although the ideal language-learning opportunity is during the first years of life (the period of fastest brain development), older children and adults can also become fluent in a second language at any age.

Myth #3

  • Myth: If a child is not fluent in both languages, they are not really bilingual.
  • Fact: Bilingual people have a dominant language, which can change over time, depending on how often the language is used. In the United States, it is not uncommon for English to become the dominant language, as school-age children generally prefer to speak in the language of the majority rather than in the language their parents speak. Just because someone is not fluent in both languages ​​doesn't mean that they are not bilingual. Regular use and practice of verbal communication, along with writing and reading, will help children (and adults) retain their second language for the long run.

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