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Work on Their Bedtime Routine

Sleep routines come in many sizes and depend a lot on your family’s habits, but some basics include: tooth brushing, putting on pajamas, and preparing their backpack for the next day. Other things you could include are relaxing before bed with a bit of reading time and turning off screens an hour before bedtime. The goal is to have a relaxing environment to sleep peacefully and have sweet dreams.

Keep Regular Sleep Times

Children work best when their life has a steady routine they can rely on. That’s why having a good bedtime routine can help them sleep and rest better for another day of learning. Sleep times come in many forms, some children need naps in the afternoon, and older children might need more physical activity to sleep better at night. Make sure to pay attention to these details and plan out their sleep schedule in a way that can work best for them.

Avoid Caffeine and Sugar

Avoiding caffeine and sugar might seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes children like to drink these after school. Still, drinks like cola, chocolate milk, energy drinks, coffee, and tea can contain caffeine and sugar that probably won’t make it out of your child’s system in time for bed. Try to avoid these drinks as often as possible and offer alternatives in the afternoon and closer to bedtime.

Healthy sleeping habits can help your child perform better in school. One-on-one tutoring can also help with their performance. Call the professionals at The Tutoring Center, Chester NJ, by calling (908) 888-2199 for information on their academic programs. Don’t forget to ask about their free diagnostic assessment.


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