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Practice Math in the Kitchen

Math is a part of everyday life and is helpful in many situations, one of them is when you’re in the kitchen. Help your child practice their math skills by helping you count and measure ingredients, cut things up in specific shapes or help you calculate the time in a recipe.

Measure Things Around the House

Measuring things around the house like spaces and toys can be a fun way to practice math. Sorting, ordering, and comparing objects are great ways for children to learn how to measure and what vocabulary to use when describing objects.

Practice Math with Board Games

Board games can also be a great excuse to work on math skills. Classic board games like Connect Four, Monopoly, or Candyland are all great games with math elements.

Count Everything

Counting around your neighborhood can help young children be familiar with numbers. Choose a specific object, for example, red cars, and count how many you see on the way home.

Practice Math During Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is also a great excuse to practice math. Give your child a list with items they need to help you get; it can be as easy as five apples, three lemons, and one box of cheerios. This way, they’ll feel involved while shopping with you and practice math at the same time.

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