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Choosing What Dictionary to Use

With over 40 types of dictionaries to choose from, when learning how to use a dictionary, it’s also essential to select the correct one. The most common dictionary has words and definitions, but others exist to help you translate languages, while others like thesaurus help you find similar words to make your writing better.

The Right Time to Use a Dictionary

The right time to use a dictionary is anytime that you need to look up what a word means, if you need help with spelling, or if you need to clarify terms you already know. A simple exercise in learning to use a dictionary better is to write words down as you’re reading and look them up later in the dictionary. The benefits of using dictionaries are many, but the main one will always be helping you improve your grammar and vocabulary.

Search in Alphabetical Order

Once you know the basics of how dictionaries work, searching is pretty straightforward. Dictionaries are organized alphabetically, so the best way to start is with the first letter of the word you want to look for. Once you have that letter, use it as a starting point and guide yourself with the words on the top of the page. Once you’ve found a page, you think the word is in, scan the list of words to find it.

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