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How to Reduce Screen Time at Home

If your child has been spending more time than you like being distracted by screens, there are some easy ways to get them to put down their electronics. Check out these tips to help reduce your child's screen time.

Set a Good Example

Telling your child that they...

Help Your Student Manage Their Time Better

Before your child complains again about not having enough time to complete their homework, studying, and extracurricular activities, be sure they're managing their time wisely. If they could use some help developing their time management skills, teach...

Help Your Child Sharpen Their Mental Math Skills

Most students will be quick to point out that calculators can help them solve any equation, so why even practice mental math? Although they're right about the calculators, mental math can make life a lot easier. Nobody wants to reach for their...

Tips for Reading Aloud

Students who are struggling with their reading skills may not be excited by the idea of reading aloud. If this is the case with your child, there are some simple steps you can take to help them improve their reading skills and master reading aloud.

Practice Makes Perfect


Fight the Midyear Slump

The beginning of the school year is exciting because everything is so new. When this newness wears off, however, students can lose their motivation and start underperforming. If this sounds like something that affects your child yearly, check out these tips to help them...

Better Study Habits for More Effective Study Sessions

Not all studying leads to the same results. This is because study skills need to be worked on in order for them to be effective. If you've noticed that your child studies for tests but never gets the results they're after, they may need to...

Signs That Your Child Is Having Trouble Reading

Students who are just learning to read may show signs of a struggle, but this should be considered normal. However, if your child isn't a new reader and its still having significant issues, they may need extra reading help. Look out for some of...

How to Encourage Your Child to Be More Creative

Creativity in the classroom isn't always a priority. Teachers have so many lessons and tasks to stay on top of that it's no wonder these types of skills are often left out. To help your child develop their creativity, consider the following...

All About the Summer Slide

The topic of the summer slide comes up every summer, and with good reason. The summer slide is something all parents should look out for and make an effort to prevent. To learn more about what it is and how to avoid it, continue reading.

What the Summer Slide Means


Keep Your Child's Mind Active This Summer

Young learners are often the most excited about learning new lessons and developing new connections in class. Encourage them to continue exploring their interests and help their curious minds develop further this summer with some academic...


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