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Parents have been overwhelmed by the confinement, Therefore, in this post by The Tutoring Center, Chester NJ are listed a few tips to help you organize the workload for the upcoming school year, scroll down!

Make a Weekly Calendar

With the help of your children and knowing the tasks they have...

Living Together in Confinement Is Not an Easy Task for Anyone

People are bound to face each other. However, it is possible to turn things around and see the quarantine as an opportunity to strengthen family ties, get to know the children better, and even discover if they are being bullied at...

While some people with learning challenges focus on how hard they have it, others prefer spending their time trying to come up with different ways to live and learn at their fullest potential despite their struggles.

Don't Let Dyslexia Stand in the Path of Success

For starters, dyslexia is a...

Although effective communication and oratory are basic skills for today's professionals, this is seldom taught in schools. But, parents can do a lot to boost their children's public speaking skills, especially during this time at home; which is perfect to put into practice. Here are a few...

With proper direction, each child creates their own learning path by working at their own pace and level. Thereby, it's important to develop a solid foundation that helps them maximize their learning potential and boost their self-confidence.

Starting Point

The first step is to build...

How to Help Your Child Beat Procrastination

Procrastination is an easy habit to develop. Most students will have some trouble overcoming a procrastination habit and staying on track at least once in their academic career. To help your child break this habit, use these tips.

Take Care of the Hard...


Is Homeschooling the Right Choice?

Homeschooling has become a more popular option for parents throughout the years. There are tons of reasons why parents decide to homeschool their children. If this is something you're considering, below are some popular reasons to choose to homeschool.



Take an Active Role in Your Child's Education

Deciding to take a more active role in your child's education can lead to tons of great benefits. Of course, when you decide to do this, there's also some work that needs to get done on your part. Since this isn't hard to achieve, there's no reason...

Study Tips to Tackle Those Classes Your Child Dislikes

Your child may be just fine with school, but there may be one class they simply don't like. These types of feeling towards a class can make it difficult to study for even put effort into it. To help your child study for these types of...

Homework Habits to Establish at Home

It's not hard to see why homework is the last thing your child wants to do when they get home from school. To make it easier for them to complete all of their homework and studying, use these homework tips.

Complete Homework Before Dinner

Although your child...


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