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Better Study Habits for More Effective Study Sessions

Not all studying leads to the same results. This is because study skills need to be worked on in order for them to be effective. If you've noticed that your child studies for tests but never gets the results they're after, they may need to...

Signs That Your Child Is Having Trouble Reading

Students who are just learning to read may show signs of a struggle, but this should be considered normal. However, if your child isn't a new reader and its still having significant issues, they may need extra reading help. Look out for some of...

How to Encourage Your Child to Be More Creative

Creativity in the classroom isn't always a priority. Teachers have so many lessons and tasks to stay on top of that it's no wonder these types of skills are often left out. To help your child develop their creativity, consider the following...

All About the Summer Slide

The topic of the summer slide comes up every summer, and with good reason. The summer slide is something all parents should look out for and make an effort to prevent. To learn more about what it is and how to avoid it, continue reading.

What the Summer Slide Means


Keep Your Child's Mind Active This Summer

Young learners are often the most excited about learning new lessons and developing new connections in class. Encourage them to continue exploring their interests and help their curious minds develop further this summer with some academic...

Help Your Middle School Student Develop Better Writing Skills

Many students dread the thought of having to write an essay, especially if they're not confident in their writing skills. Luckily, you don't have to be a great writer yourself in order to help your child produce a great essay. Check...

Qualities a Good Tutor Will Possess

Finding a good tutor for your child may seem like an impossible task, but it doesn't have to be. In fact, there are a number of qualities you can look for in order to ensure your child's tutor will be effective. Below are just some of the qualities you should...

Help Your Child Improve Their Reading Skills

Reading is a must-master skill for students because it's at the heart of every other school subject. To help your child become a stronger reader, check out these reading tips.

Practice Reading Fluency

Reading fluency refers to your child's ability to...

Motivate a Reluctant Math Learner

Students may not be very excited to do math homework or other school related work on most occasions. However, if your child seems disengaged or simply doesn't want to do it ever, they may need a bit more motivation. Help your reluctant math learner by practicing...

Tips for a Healthy Sleep Routine

Sleep is important for everyone, but growing students especially need it to stay on the right track. To learn more about why sleep is so important for your young learner, keep reading.

Why Is Sleep Important?

You may think that not sleeping enough just leads to...


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